Seabury Center Arena


The Seabury Center Main Arena was built in 1995 and is the home of the Mountaineer women’s and men’s basketball teams.  In the fall of 2014, the court was named in memory of long-time Berea coach, professor and athletic director Roland Wierwille.  The arena can comfortably seat 2,000 for home athletic contests, with all spectators afforded the luxury of chairback seating.  Both teams are provided locker rooms just off the south entrance to the gymnasium.  Visiting teams have a designated locker room and the facility also has separate locker rooms for male and female officials.

GPS Address:  599 North Main Street, Berea, KY  40404

From the North:
From I-75, take the north Berea exit (exit 77) and make a left off the ramp onto KY 595.  The second light will be an intersection of KY 595 and the Berea by-pass.  You will want to make a right to remain on KY 595, past the Kentucky Artisan Center, over the railroad tracks and past the college farms.  When you reach the traffic light at the intersection of KY 595 and Ellipse, you will continue straight.  You will travel approximately 150 yards and make a right onto Seabury Drive, which is the first road on the right past the 595/Ellipse intersection.  The parking lot for the Seabury Center is off to your right.

From the South:
From I-75, take the south Berea exit (exit 76) and make a right off the ramp onto 25 North.  Continue straight on this road as it winds through town and eventually through the heart of campus.  As you approach the Boone Tavern Hotel, the road will become two lanes and you want to remain in the left lane.  Make a left at the next intersection (traffic light #9).  As you proceed to the bottom of the hill, you will want to make a left onto Seabury Drive.  The parking lot for the Seabury Center is off to your right.