About Berea College Athletics

Athletic Department Mission Statement

The Berea College intercollegiate athletic department seeks to carry forth the mission of the institution through athletic participation.  The mission of our institution is grounded in a challenging set of Great Commitments built upon the college’s scriptural foundation, “God has made of one blood all peoples of the earth.”  Berea College recognizes this mission can be manifested through intercollegiate athletics and seeks to develop athletic abilities within our student-athletes that model the high standards of our institution and the established foundational principles.  To achieve this purpose, the Berea College athletic department commits itself

  • To develop student-athletes who gain an understanding and respect for individuals from other backgrounds and cultures, both teammates and opponents, while recognizing their competitors as worthy adversaries. 
  • To field disciplined teams who find value in the competitive experience and appreciation for physical performance; thus, compete out of love for the sport, the thrill of competition and the fulfillment of personal and team goals.
  • To promote pride in the campus community among students, alumni, faculty, staff and larger Berea community by providing a forum for social gatherings and the development of athletic traditions.
  • To encourage student-athletes to become servant leaders through involvement in community service activities, initiatives and projects.
  • To provide superior facilities for competition, teaching and training.
  • To offer personal enrichment programs designed to develop an understanding of teamwork, character, ethics, maturity and fair play for student-athletes.
  • To teach student-athletes how to focus energies and live balanced lives through incorporating healthy habits of wellness in both exercise and study.
  • To have our department recognized as an example of excellence in both academic scholarship and conduct.

Varsity Athletics  

Berea College offers the opportunity for student athletes to participate in 16 different intercollegiate sports, including a cheerleading squad. 

While Berea, a NCAA Division III school, offers no athletic-based scholarships, all of Berea's students, including athletes, receive a 4-year tuition scholarship.  This unique scholarship program allows our coaches to attract top-level student-athletes from all over the country.  

Our Athletes

The Mountaineer student athletes come from over the country and world. Berea College student athletes represent 23 different states- as east as New Hampshire, and as far west as Hawaii- and 7 different countries. Berea seeks to recruit student-athletes who will commit themselves to this discipline in order to succeed both athletically and academically.